Software Introduction

Plaridge has been instrumental in various projects at the Geoalliance as first test base, including HDB piling checks, North South Corridor excavation diaphragm wall design, Bukit Timah Canal expansion sheetpile design, and AC checks over a span of two years.

Plaridge is a powerful series of helper tools designed specifically for civil engineers. With multiple functions tailored to the needs of geotechnical engineers in Singapore, our software can accelerate daily work and enhance productivity.

One of Plaridge’s key features is its integration with PLAXIS, a widely used software in the geotechnical engineering market. Plaridge’s help tools for PLAXIS automate time-consuming processes such as copying data to Excel and generating reports. What used to take a full day can now be done in just five minutes, with detailed, error-free reports produced automatically. By using Plaridge, engineers can streamline their workflow, save time, and improve the quality and speed of output, making it the perfect solution for busy professionals.

In addition to geotechnical assessment report functions, Plaridge also includes structural design functions for normal excavation projects. Our software is designed to provide engineers with a comprehensive suite of tools to support their work, no matter the project type or complexity.
At Plaridge Engineering Software Company, our goal is to provide engineers with the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the field, Plaridge can help you save time, improve accuracy, and increase productivity.

These approval letter are aquired by the asistance of the Plaridge which means Singapore authorities accept the Plaridge Output products 

Developer Speaks

In my early days as an engineer, I was stuck in repetitive tasks like compiling reports and data extraction. Realizing the need for a revolution, I created Plaridge and clearly know what engineers need. It's a tool that frees us from mundane work, allowing us to channel our passion into higher-level endeavors like engineering judgment, analysis, and model development.
Huang Yufeng
Plaridge Developer 、MSc (Geo) NUS 、Geotechnical Engineer


Plaridge serves as a vital link, connecting various established software and information systems such as AGS, Plaxis, Python, Excel, and PDF. This bridge addresses a common issue where extensive finite element analyses are often presented without meaningful insights, resulting in a lack of persuasiveness due to excessive page count. I am delighted that Plaridge simplifies the production of tailored FEM output appendices and automates post-processing data for damage assessment. It also facilitates the integration of AGS data with Excel for determining pile length, all achieved with just a few clicks. With the synergistic combination of computer code's ability to handle laborious yet straightforward tasks and the unique strengths of human creativity, complex decision making, and contextual understanding, I am confident in the economy, efficiency, and elegance of geotechnical solutions
Daniel Bali
Associate Director 、MSc (Geo) NUS 、Work 10+ years/8 years in Arup
It is a new era of innovation. I experience the power of a technique that accelerates projects, be it in the government or private sector, especially when time is of the essence. Plaridge maximizes profits by saving time and human resources.
Niu Jianxin
BEng (Civil) 、MSc (Geo) 、MEng (Geo) NUS 、PEng (Civil) 、PEng (Geo) 、AC (Geo) 、CPEng (Australia)
Previously, repetitive work acted as a toxic capsule, draining people's passion and leading to disengagement. Plaridge serves as an excellent antidote, providing an effective solution to this issue.
BEng (Civil) 、MSc (Geo) NTU 、PEng (Civil)
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