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Time Consumption of Daily Works

Extraction: Model: 26 Stages (OSF 7 Stages) with 2 Walls and 4 Struts

Extracting 2 walls and 4 layers of struts in a standard excavation model requires repetitive actions that add up to 255 times (158 for walls, 78 for struts, and 21 for both). This task is a waste of time and should not be done by engineers.

Repeat 255 times

OSF Extraction Stages for Walls and Struts Total Stages: 7 Stages x (2 Walls)+(7 Stages x 1 time Strut Extraction) 21

Wall Extraction Total Stages: (3 Models) x (26 stages) x (2 Walls) 156

Strut Extraction Total Stages: (3 Models) x ( 26 Stages) x (1 time Strut Extraction) 78

Almost each repetitive task only needs 5min human operation.


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